Buzzards Beach Ramp, Tavares, FL
The Buzzards Beach Ramp is on Rte 441 about 1/4 mile west of Cancun Tex-Mex Restaurant, 901 Lake Shore Blvd, Tavares.  The red star shown on the maps below are based on the address of the restaurant, not the ramp itself.

Tavares is located roughly halfway between Interstates 4 and 75

Depending on direction of travel, there are a number of routes running into Tavares.

Rtes 19, 46, 441 & 500 all channel into your destination.

A closer view

The Junction of 441 and 19 lies close to the launch ramp

Lakeshore Drive appears to connect with Rte. 441/500.  The Buzzard's Beach ramp is located on Rte 441 1/4 mile between the Amigo's restaurant and an Italian Restaurant.