In May of 2000, Florida Disabled Anglers (FDA) was created because of the need for such an organization in Central Florida to enable persons with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a quality fishing event on a regular basis throughout the year. From the first tournament that witnessed 3 disabled anglers, we have grown in size and popularity to several times as many anglers participating in the tournament trail. FDA is still in the growing stages, and there is room for anyone wishing to join our family for a lot of fun and great fellowship.

     FDA organizes seven Bass fishing tournaments each year on Central Florida lakes. A disabled angler is paired with an able-bodied boat captain. However, even though the two fish together, their catches are kept separate because each is fishing in a different division. The disabled angler competes with the other disabled, as the boat captains compete with the other captains. The anglers are allowed to choose their partner in advance or pick one on the morning of the tournament. Anglers in the same division are allowed to fish together provided one of them has a boat. Each participant pays a tournament entry fee of $40, which includes $5 for the Big Bass purse for each event and $10 goes to the Classic. Anglers are allowed a limit of three Largemouth Bass each. 100% of all fees collected are paid back to the top finishers in each division. The angler in each division earning the most points is awarded the honor of being “Angler of the Year”. Even though Florida Disabled Anglers includes this sense of competition, the main objective is still to provide quality fishing to those who otherwise would not be able to or would have difficulty participating in such an event. The objective word we like to use is FUN; and that’s what everyone has, and it can be seen in the smiles on their faces. It is a joy that is shared by the disabled and captains alike.
     Membership in Florida Disabled Anglers is free to anyone wishing to join us, but the fun is worth a million. Once you fish the first tournament, you are a member. We welcome new disabled anglers and boat captains. FDA hopes that you find the other pages of our site informative, and any comments that you have will be well received and appreciated.