2018 Monroe [#1] (2018 Tourny #2)

Clermont Lake Monroe Lake Griffin Johns Lake Lake Eustis Lake Monroe Classic Banquet
Limit? I don't need no steenkin' limit
says Ken Carter who stole Big Bass and 1st with these 2 lunkers
Ken Carter
queued up for his prize and a congratulatory handshake with the Prez too


Paul Holmes
yanked three on board to land 2nd place
Kristopher Carver
snagged 3rd place with these fish
Kristopher Carver
a happy guy with winnings
No Chicken Dinner
'cuz he wasn't a winner, but he was close.  Dave Johnson shows off two of his bass and needed a third hand for the rest of the catch
Newbie Robyn Boyer presents the largest 2 of her 3 bass that took her to 1st place Robyn Boyer 
accepts her first place winnings
Bobby Bader snagged this 4.61 beauty for division Big Bass
Bobby Bader
is congratulated on his Big Bass and 2nd place finish
Mike Laws
had enough with these three to land third place
Bob Avery
caught a large bass, 4.2 lbs., but unfortunately it was just that one fish