2017 Monroe [#2] (2017 Tourny #4)

Buzzards Beach-1 Sanford-1 Buzzards Beach-2 Sanford-2 Buzzards Beach-3 Sanford-3 Classic Banquet
Kristopher Carver snagged first place and this prize envelope

No wonder Kris was tops, I mean look at these fish!

Dean Morris  hauled in these three to take second place Chet Wagner weighed in with this trio
Chet Wagner took 3rd place Chet shows off his three fish with aid of Mike Laws    
Bob Avery was the champ of the day with 1st place plus Big Bass Bob Avery's catch beat Mike Laws' by tenth of a pound but Mike helps here anyway

Mike Laws took the 2nd place prize home

Mike Laws gets an assist from Bobby Bader to show off his three bass
Bobby Bader had a respectable catch but came in 3rd