Buzzards Beach [#2] (2017 Tourny #3)

Buzzards Beach-1 Sanford-1 Buzzards Beach-2 Sanford-2 Buzzards Beach-3 Sanford-3 Classic Banquet
Paul Holmes
had this 5.94lbs big bass and 2 more fish for a 8.30 lb. total
Paul Holmes
picks up his winnins for the day
Billy Mount
wasn't far behind at 8.01 lbs.
Kris Carver
narrowly missed 2nd place with 7.96 lbs.
Kris Carver
was pleased with his 3rd place finish, however
Jason Don
did well as a "newbie" pulling in 7.05 lbs.
Dean Morris
had a fair to middling day at 6.38 lbs.
Mike Laws holding  Brian Terwilliger's Two Biggest Fish
that let the "B" add more points to his YTD total score
Bob Avery
"done good" with his big bass at 4.43 lbs and total limit catch of 9.22 ;lbs
Bob Avery
added to his winning and point total
Bobby Bader
hauled in a limit at 7/76 lbs.
Bobby Bader
pays a visit to the prez for his recognition
Dennis Galassi
snagged third place with 2 fish weighing in. at 5.40 lbs