Buzzards Beach [#3] (2016 Tourny #5)

Buzzards Beach-1 Sanford-1 Buzzards Beach-2 Sanford-2 Buzzards Beach-3 Sanford-3 Classic Banquet
Paul Holmes
beat the bunch with Big Bass weighing 3.92 lbs and a total catch of 7.48 lbs
Paul Holmes
proudly displays his catch for the day
Chet Wagner
came in second with a very respectable catch of 5.38 lbs.

Brian Terwilliger
set a new all-time club record with a catch of 0.48 lbs!  Way to go, Brian!!

Mike Laws
hauled in Big Bass and First Place with 4.86 lbs of bass
Bobby Bader
narrowly lost to Mike with a 4.82 lb catch, just .04 lbs different.  Bummer!