Buzzards Beach (2016 Tourny #1)

Buzzards Beach-1 Sanford-1 Buzzards Beach-2 Sanford-2 Buzzards Beach-3 Sanford-3 Classic Banquet
Matt Miller won 1st place

Dave Johnson secured 2nd place
Chet Wagner netted 3rd place and also had big fish with a 5.73 pig.

Matt hauled in 3 fish weighing 10.43 lbs.

Dave Johnson snagged 3 fish weighing 7.97 lbs.

Chet Wagner displays two of his fish

Dean Morris with his "biggie" Ken Carter displays his three fish with the help of Mike Laws while John Barbaro looks on Kristopher Carver shows off his catch as well
Aaron Fratin got 1st place finish  and Big Bass as well

John Barbaro received 2nd place
Aaron with his 3 fish weighing 9.98. He also had the Big Bass weighing in at 5.36.

Not too shabby for his first time out with the group!

John pulled in 3 fish weighing 9.34 lbs.    Dennis Galassi boated 3 fish for a total of 6.49 lbs. a nice haul but not enough to make the cut