Buzzards Beach (2015 Tourny #1)

Buzzards Beach-1 Sanford-1 Buzzards Beach-2 Sanford-2 Buzzards Beach-3 Sanford-3

Happy Fella
Ken Carter hosts his catch totaling 11.29 lbs with Big Bass at 4.09 lbs.

Ken Carter
displays his 1st place trophy

Kris Carver
tanked in a full limit of 7.55 lbs.

Second Place Trophy
presented to Kris by Ken


Dean Morris
With 2/3rds of his haul

Dean Morris
accepts his 3rd place trophy
John Barbaro
garnered 1st place with these 3 fish including Big Bass at 4.60 lbs

John Barbaro
took 1st place.

Mike Laws
shows off his larger fish

Mike Laws
receives the 2nd place dust catcher