Lake Monroe (2013 Tourny #3)

Hickory-1 Toho-2 Monroe-3 Hichory-4 Monroe-5 Hichory-6 Banquet

Dean Morris
shows off his 10.85 lbs of fish

collects his 1st place trophy

The Wright Stuff
Sonny's 6.03 Big Bass

All Smiles
Sonny cashed in

Bob Hard
took 3rd place with 3 fish totaling more than 6 lbs

Dave Johnson
had a good 3.55 lb catch

Back On Top
Mike Laws landed these two and their little brother


Mike Laws
snagged 1st place with over 12 lbs of bass

John Mullis
took home 2nd place

John's Biggie
took the Big Bass prize at 5.80 lbs

Big Bass Trophy
probably felt even better than the 2nd place one

Chris Rea
shows off his best pair

Chris' Three Bass
earned him 3rd place at 8.99 lbs

C. J. Lockamy
shows off the pick of his litter