St Johns River (Lake Monroe)

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Beginner's Luck?
Kris Carver in his first time out hauled in 1st place and Bib bass too!

Kris' "Katch"
of 12.14 lbs may have been a record setter for FDA

Ken Carter
managed to snag 2nd place

Respectable, but ...
Ken Kuldn't Katch Kris!

Bill Mount
took home 3rd place

A Biggie
Bill's average of 2.9 lbs on most days would have done him better

Big Guns
Paul Guimarin was hauling them in again with 13.83 lbs of bass, a 4.6 lb average!

Ernie Ferrell
tagged in for 2nd place, just a pound or so behind Paul


Big Bass
went to Ernie though so he was still a happy camper .. or fisher.