2010 Annual Banquet

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Sonny Wright
added to his trophy collection and received the award jacket as well as a hat to match

Mike Laws

was unable to attend to collect his Captains Division award.  His plaque and jacket will be delivered to him.

Tony Strickland Memorial
went to Paul Guimarin who was not in attendance and is shown  here in a  2007 file photo

Stephen Foster Memorial
went to Disabled Angler Matt Miller


Mike & Peggy Sprouse
PVA's Sports Director Mike was our gracious banquet host

Getting Fed (Up)
[l-r] Dorothy Carter, Mike & Haley Laws and John Barbaro (with photo of Jerry Heidgerken on his jacket) "patiently" wait

Dick O'Donnell & Dennis Nolte hit the chow line as Nancy & Jerry Daniels queue behind them

Caught Ya!
Dennis makes off with two slices of pie with the excuse that one is supposedly for Shirley

Brian Terwilliger
is the association secretary and a PVA board member as well

"Mrs. T"
Anne Terwilliger pitches in with the PVA association as well


Catching Zzzz's?
Ken Carter appears to have nodded off at the helm but Nancy Daniels seems unperturbed

Meal Over, Meeting On
Ken starts the night's order of business with elections

Disabled Angler of The Year
Sonny Wright receives his award jacket from Ken Carter


Angler of The Year
Mike Laws reaps his harvest of awards as well

Neal & Nancy Lazarus
(red & dark shirts at the wall) kept careful watch for schedule conflicts as the 2011 Trail was decided

Sonny Wright plus Nancy and Jerry Daniels audience paid heed to all items of business

Bill Mount
(in yellow) kept an interested eye open on the schedule decisions as well

John Barbaro & spouse
(at far end of table) join Sonny Wright and Nancy Daniels. 

Matt Miller
(black & gold shirt) was accompanied by his grandparents